Fug You!

Fug You!

Speaking of Norman Mailer–who believed in the creative potential of the wound–my dad, who is full of stories like these, told me a funny one the other night.  When Mailer’s book The Naked and the Dead came out, all the “fucks” were replaced by “fugs.”  So:  “Stop your fuggin complaining!”  Or, “What the fug was that?”  It’s funny to read now.  As we drove home my family and I made a point of saying “fug” as much as possible.  Anyway, at some point the actress and wit Tallulah Bankhead met Mailer.  On doing so, she apparently said, “Oh, you are that man who can’t spell fuck.”  At a signing my dad asked Mailer about this story.  Mailer said it never happened.  I prefer to believe it did.  I prefer to believe that about a lot of things that never happened.


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