Elliott Smith Top Dozen

Elliott Smith Top Dozen

Jennifer Chiba told me that whenever anyone asks her what her favorite Elliott Smith song is, she answers “Whichever one I am listening to at the time.”  I feel exactly the same way.  So this list is time and situation-sensitive.  But I wanted to put it down anyway, just as a personal exercise. Let me know your list too.  By the way, this is not in rank order.

1–Waltz #2

2–King’s Crossing

3–Tomorrow, Tomorrow

4–Sweet Adeline

5–Let’s Get Lost

6–Coast to Coast


8–Waltz #1

9–Thirteen (cover)

10–Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to be Free

11–Trouble (cover)

12–Flowers for Charlie


14 thoughts on “Elliott Smith Top Dozen

  1. A good selection there, heavy on the later songs. My shorter list of the songs that have grabbed me most, in rough chronological order: 1) Condor Avenue 2) Christian Brothers 3) Speed Trials 4) Alameda 5) Miss Misery 6) Tomorrow Tomorrow 7) Baby Britain 8) Pitseleh 9) Junkbond Trader 10) A Fond Farewell. Often I love the acoustic guitar parts, the chord changes and the lo-fi production values as much as the lyrics. But they all seem to have some essence of Elliott too.

      1. Junkbond (or Junk Bond) Trader is off Figure 8, which generally I found a bit disappointing and patchy after the perfectly formed X0. The song seems to be a cynical look at the songwriter’s vocation itself. And the verse melody is very similar to King’s Crossing in fact.

      2. My music is all available free of charge to those in the know, at http://www.worldview.bandcamp.com (there’s a link to it on my site). You will notice an unashamed Elliot Smith influence, especially on my 1999-2000 songs and “War Years”, when I was immersed in his work. I am just waiting for the film soundtrack-related breakthrough…

  2. My favorites (not in any specific order):

    -Condor Avenue
    -Between the Bars
    -Tomorrow, Tomorrow
    -Oh Well, Okay
    -Independence Day
    -A Distorted Reality is Now a Necessity to be Free
    -Waltz #2
    -Let’s Get Lost
    -King’s Crossing
    -A Fond Farewell
    -Angel in the Snow
    -New Monkey

  3. Chronologically…

    -Condor Ave.
    -Single File
    -Alphabet Town
    -St. Ides Heaven
    -Say Yes
    -Baby Britain
    -Stupidity Tries
    -I Better Be Quiet Now
    -The Enemy is You
    -Strung Out Again
    -Shooting Star
    -Angel in the Snow
    -Half Right (acoustic)

    1. I need a new top dozen. Or, partly new. Or a top 30. Also love “half right.” “Stupidity Tries” was written about the Oscars, according to some people I spoke with (btw).

      1. Haha, I know what you mean about the top thirty. I feel like I left out a few dozen songs on my list, not to mention B sides, rarities, early versions, live versions, covers, etc. etc.

  4. A hard road to travel, no doubt. How do you through the works of a genius?

    This is my tracklisting for a new ES album, if they ever release it. It could also function as a bonus disc for a FABOTH re-release. If you don’t have the songs, shoot me an email:

    The Assassin
    Brand New Game
    O So Slow
    Dancing On The Highway
    From A Poisoned Well
    Lets Turn The Record Over
    True Love
    Everything’s OK
    Suicide Machine
    Mr. Goodmorning
    See You In Heaven

    1. Thank you! I’ll send you an email! True Love is gorgeous–and heartbreaking. I’ve got 2 versions of it. But yeah, I love so many of the songs on your list. And you are right–they would make for an incredible bonus disc…

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