Truman Capote’s Answered Prayers…. Exists???

Truman Capote’s Answered Prayers…. Exists???

A few months after I finished the book on Truman Capote, I was able to talk with Joanne Carson, Johnny’s wife and Truman’s close friend. Capote died in her home, in her arms.  She was gracious and happy to chat (and said the book was “magnificent”).  It was a pleasure getting her thoughts on a number of things.  One fact she really emphasized:  Capote FINISHED Answered Prayers.  It did actually exist (contrary to what many people have since claimed).  She sat next to him as he read sections aloud and she saw the words on the pages.  The book was not, in fact, a “Missouri bankroll” (one real top page, empty pages underneath).  Carson is certain there are at least 3 more chapters.  She had a safe deposit box key, but she gave it to Capote’s attorney.  The bank with the box that the key fits has never been identified.


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