Elliott Smith Memorial Wall

Elliott Smith Memorial Wall

I visited the Elliott Smith memorial wall over spring break.  It’s right on Sunset, easy to miss unless you know what you’re looking for, just down the street from a McDonalds.  You can see in the photo that it’s been pretty heavily tagged. But the tagging doesn’t seem to make a difference. People still stop by to leave messages or just stand and look.

I struck up a conversation with the guy next door, who owns the gear repair shop.  He knew Elliott, who came in often.  He tried fixing his car stereo once—without success.  Anyway, he says he plans to install a statue, of some sort of clear glass or hard plastic, that he wants to fill in with crushed parts of guitars, amps, mixing boards, etc.  He also wants to cover the wall itself with similar materials, leaving space to write between the debris.  Not sure I love the latter idea.  Not sure how soon he might try making all this happen, either.  His shop itself was a menagerie of busted up leftovers and forgotten toss aways.  It’s easy to see why Elliott loved the place.


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