Boredom, the Underrated Motive

Boredom, the Underrated Motive

I’ve always had this idea that we do a lot of the things we do entirely because we are bored.  Entirely.  Now, some people are actually more “boredom susceptible” than others, such as those high in the trait called sensation-seeking.  Still, no one likes being bored, regardless.  My mom always told me, “If you are bored, you have only yourself to blame.  Do something!”  I did.  I did something. Made out with Cheryl Newell and chain-smoking foosballer Laurel Fullmer.  Got high with Doug Criswell across the street.  Shot endless baskets one block below the house at the Western Conservative Baptist Seminary. Started a band in Laurelhurst…. Some people even bring about disaster out of boredom, ruin. Anything but ennui! Anything! So to the question, Why’d he do it? Because he was bored is, to me, a perfectly acceptable answer.


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