Capote and Me in Santa Cruz

Capote and Me in Santa Cruz

So pleased to discover my Capote book in Bookshop Santa Cruz, one of my favorite bookstores ever (I was in town to give a talk at UCSC about Elliott Smith, the subject of my next book).  A very nice worker there asked me to autograph it.  I did, and as I was signing, my son Henry looking over my shoulder, I said, “How do you even know I’m really the author?  No jacket photo.”  She said, “I was thinking the exact same thing.”  For the record, I’m the author.  Though there are times when it does not feel like it.


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    May I send you an ARC?

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Alma H. Bond, Ph.D.

    “In this fascinating psycho-biography, Dr. Alma H. Bond takes us into the eloquent and complex mind of the unforgettable Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. A much-remembered fashion icon throughout the 1960s, and famously reticent first lady of the assassinated president, John F. Kennedy, her voice is finally available for readers. Exploring Onassis’s lavish but demanding upbringing, two marriages, and one final relationship, Bond proves that this mysterious woman’s voice is worth listening to. In addition, the book demonstrates how this glamorous but grieving widow deserves the appreciation and respect she did not always receive during her lifetime. Written in the first-person, Jackie O: On the Couch demonstrates convincingly what Onassis’s voice would have been like if she had actually written an autobiography. The reader discovers how this woman distinguished herself as a dedicated wife and mother, and later, as a hard-working and devoted book editor. Onassis lived through some of the most important times of history and attempted to pick up the pieces of her life after frequent mourning, and sometimes frequent media criticism. Fleshed out beautifully through descriptions and sentiments, this alluring icon’s identity is, ultimately, fully and finally unveiled to readers—it is a gem of a book that many readers the world over will find irresistible.”

    ―Clara Roberts, Towson, MD

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