Very First Elliott Smith-Related Vinyl?

Very First Elliott Smith-Related Vinyl?

Got this from Denny Swofford at Cavity Search.  It’s CSR2, the first Heatmiser 7-inch, on virginal white vinyl no less. What was CSR1? That’s actually a little complicated, but the simplest answer is Hazel’s J. Hell (on orange vinyl).  Hazel and Heatmiser played together frequently in Portland in the early 90s, at places like the X-Ray Cafe and Satyricon. 


2 thoughts on “Very First Elliott Smith-Related Vinyl?

  1. this is all deeply disturbing to me as my ex girl friend, Julie, introduced me to E.S. and we listened to his music while lying on her bed in our collective sympathetic and synchronous moods. she made a E.S. cd for me that I couldn’t listen to after we split up. My attachment to her is brutal, ruthless, self generating and unforgiving. I will always love her and cannot enjoy his music any more. Now my “best and only” friend Todd is writing this ironoclastic book.

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