2 thoughts on “Larval Stage, future butterfly

  1. Greetings Dr. Schultz, I am a graduate student in history fishing for a thesis topic and have an interest in psychology too. Thus the “psychohistory” union would seem natural in pursuing a topic and have funneled it down to pschobiography in scope. My sharper interest is presidential biography and character development, the information on Lincoln is vast (Clinton as well) although I would like to do something on Grant. The degree is in the American Military History concentration and initially considered a “life histories” review of all presidents with an extensive military background. That like this reply is a bit winded, hence Grant is probably enough with a second option of a cross analysis of Grant and Lee. Do you have any thoughts on how to approach a single person or a dual analysis of Grant and Lee?

    Appreciate any thoughts and enjoy your woks,
    William Siler Brooks

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