Elliott Smith and Le Domino

Elliott Smith and Le Domino

A shot of Elliott in the Taylor Street house in Portland, where “Roman Candle” was recorded, with the Le Domino, the guitar (essentially, a sort of toy guitar) he used on most of the songs.  The “Heli-Jet” cap also made it on an album cover.  (Photo courtesy of JJ Gonson Photography.  Do not distribute or reproduce in any way without prior permission.  All rights reserved).ledominocouch017

4 thoughts on “Elliott Smith and Le Domino

  1. Not a “toy” guitar!. . .it’s a very well made and good sounding circa 1930 Regal guitar which has a ladder braced spruce top.

  2. so is my 1930 LeDomino woth 35k? I guarantee it sounds and plays as good as any LeDomino living. i,ll take offers. 316=559-6868

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