One thought on “Sick Celeb Chasing

  1. I think its brilliant comment, you made about Amanda “If she is truly decompensating, then her breakdown is entertainment to magazines and media, and that’s ruthless, sadistic, brutal, and juvenile. There’s a commitment to parading her apparent craziness, cashing in on it, mocking it.”
    I think this also can be said for Miley cyrus, who has always been told who she should be, rather than who she really is. They’ve pumped money into her image, and therefore she has never really developed within herself. So when she went through her break up with Liam Hemsworth, she had no way of healthy dealing with it, except constructing an image of sexuality to gain some kind of acceptance. I think the frightening thing for celebrities is that they have grown up and still deal with people wanting something from them, and gaining acceptance through every possible way but for who they are. and i suppose what i find horrendous is that nobody, her family, her managers, her PA whatever, aren’t sitting her down and letting her deal with her demons behind closed doors, instead like you said they let her parade around tarnishing herself, because they make a profit. But she has never learnt to deal with insecurities.
    I should be thoroughly refreshed to read celebrities coming out with eating disorder stories, but I becoming more concerned that it is becoming another trade mark to set them apart from other celebrities. To be a celebrity is to be a product. Something that Peaches said about, “people love a phenoix to ashes story.”
    I can only imagine the managers behind these celebrities pulling puppets on a string, “if you say this, more people will come to your concert. If you tell them you had an eating disorder they’ll empathize with you and you will be more famous.”
    Forgive me I am just talking out of my ass, and i have offended anyone. I dont mean to make the idea of an eating disorder any less serious then it is and put judgement on people that have suffered from it. This is just an opinion that could quite possibly be completely wrong.

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