The sad desperation of murder conspiracy theories (Cobain, Elliott Smith)

The sad desperation of murder conspiracy theories (Cobain, Elliott Smith)

Just wrote this for  A sort of psychological take on why fans cannot accept a (male) star’s suicide, and why they inevitably blame the female in the star’s life.  Link HERE

Photo by: Stephen Trupp STAR MAX, Inc. ©1997 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Telephone/Fax: (212) 995-1196 Courtney Love (Star Max via AP Images)
Photo by: Stephen Trupp
STAR MAX, Inc. ©1997
Telephone/Fax: (212) 995-1196
Courtney Love (Star Max via AP Images)


2 thoughts on “The sad desperation of murder conspiracy theories (Cobain, Elliott Smith)

  1. You’re a dick. Eric Erlandson and famous female suicides? hmmm, what about Eric Erlandsons ex-girlfriend Kristen Pfaff; also dying at 27. She mysteriously dies of an opiate overdose, and all of the mystery surrounding it very similar to Kurt’s. You act like people go around claiming they knew Kurt. We get most of our evidence from Tom Grant, El Duce, Richard Lee. Kurt did not take those Roofies in Rome, it would have been impossible! After having shoved a few handfuls in his mouths, he would have hit the floor. It was not noted a suicide until after Kurt was dead. Courtney then says “oh yeah, he left this note that I found that says “Dr. So and so says I have to choose between life and death, I choose death.” But Sgt. Cameron tells her to throw it away, it will only cause her harm in the future. So what’s she do, throws it away. Guess who was in the conjoining room? Cali Dewitt. So Kurt orders champagne up to the room, Courtney reported to interviewers that day that she takes them, and pops them out one by one like pepto-bismols in singular dose push out packages. So whose to say when the champagne goes up to the room, when Kurt isn’t looking, Courtney pops one in his drink, he hits the floor and then her and Cali start shoving the pills down Kurt’s throat. Or here’s another good theory, El Duce wasn’t lying, that piece of shit Allen Wrench did kill Kurt. A video leaked a long time ago where Allen bragged about doing it. Allen was a known heroine dealer. So Courtney or GME (Gold Mountain Entertainment) hires Allen Wrench to whack Kurt. Kurt is seen in a picture with Allen days before he is killed, Allen calls Kurt up one night and says “hey man! I’ve got some heroine, do you want to hangout?” Allen Wrench loads the heroine with tranquilizers, and then begins to do everything that followed. 1.152 mg of heroine was found in his system, I’m sure you’ve heard this number before but yes, it is 3 times the lethal dosage. He was found with Diazepam (Valium) and tranquilizers! Fucking tranquilizers in his system. I don’t give a shit if you’re friends with Eric Erlandson. He is no angel here. They’re cover of “You Know You’re Right” before its official release was shitty and shady. She took out all the obvious lyrics about herself and just kept repeating the same shit over and over. Also, ever notice that there are two versions of the letter? One with ink scratching out particular lines and a Capt. Signature on it, and one that isn’t scrawled out and perfect. And if Kurt tipped over a plant and stabbed a red pen through it, how come there is no markings or tears of that hole in the copy or supposed “reprint” of the “real” letter. And he also signs it “Peace, love, Empathy, Kurt Cobain and then the last 4 lines are written in huge letters and are the only lines pertaining to suicide. Somebody wrote those god damn lines, and it sure as hell wasn’t Kurt. Kurt does not curl his “P’s” for example, in the word “Happier” in the final lines. Fuck Eric, Fuck Patty Schumel. They’re naive little assholes. And fuck Danny Goldberg, cause I know him and Rosemary were in on that shit too.

  2. I agree with what Cody said. You are a dick, spreading misinformation and leaving out vital details to serve your own agenda.
    Kristen Pfaff was murdered, likely with help from Eric Erlandson. If you know and believe differently, do some interviews w your buddies Eric Erlandson, Courtney Love and release a book with what really happened. What was Eric delivering to Kristen the night she died?
    Your book will sell thousands if you do a tell-all, with interviews with these people.
    Have you read Erics “poetry” book? He has said some interesting things in there…

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