9 thoughts on “Male celebrity suicide and blame

  1. Elliott Smith is not an equivalent comparison to the other men mentioned in your article, since his manner of death is undetermined, not suicide, and his death investigation remains open.

    To imply that waiting for an expert ruling on Elliott Smith’s death makes one delusional or, worse, a misogynist is lazy and dishonest.

    1. Undetermined doesn’t mean he was murdered by Jennifer Chiba, and to claim it does, as so many do, over and over, is sick and evil. I talked to the forensic pathologist. Read my book. She said her ruling was NOT (her caps) an indictment of the girlfriend.

      1. I didn’t say his girlfriend murdered him! I said his manner of death is undetermined, so including him in this article is a false equivalency. I’ll pass on the book. Your bias shows in your inclusion of him in this article. I’ve read the same old “troubled troubadour” (or “torment saint”) story and it is one tiny facet of a brilliant, whole, beautiful, human who deserves better than he’s gotten by way of books and articles.

        1. Please. My book is exactly about a brilliant, whole, beautiful human, but you’ll never know that, because you’ve decided, who knows how, that it’s about something else. The suicide, which I believe it was, comes at the end. It’s not a book about suicide. It’s a biography. Yes, he was troubled. Yes, he was a songwriting genius. Yes, he was a good person. Yes, he was complicated. That’s what a good biography does. It shows the many sides. You can read whatever you want and believe whatever you want. Just don’t judge my book until you’ve discovered, first hand, what it really says.

          1. ‘Undetermined doesn’t mean he was murdered by Jennifer Chiba, and to claim it does, as so many do, over and over, is sick and evil.’….And suing the family for 3 years, amending the claim 2 times, and lying in the lawsuit is not evil? I just wonder why your book never mentioned the fact that Chiba sued the estate.

              1. I did not say this, but you give many details about her, her background, past relationships, lots of details about her life… the fact that she sued the estate not even a year after Elliott’s death, is part of the story, it is as much about Chiba as it is about her relationship with Elliott and his family,… and it doesn’t make look good, I think that’s why you omitted that part.

                1. It doesn’t make HER look good, I meant,… But we learn she had a possible leukemia, a suspicious lymph node, and intimate details like these that are carefully chosen to trigger some empathy from the reader. However, the elephant in the room (the lawsuit) is not there. The fact that she also lied in the lawsuit is an important trait of character, all I say is that you have to be a certain kind of person to inflict such pain to a grieving family.

                2. I know you did not say it, but you implied it. You are looking for reasons to dislike Jennifer. And you state that her suing the Estate makes her evil. The fact is, your comments confirm the point of the Playboy article. Your chief motive is to attack the girlfriend… The book ends with Elliott’s death, as any biography would. I give details about Jennifer when she was in Elliott’s life. Why would I include details about a lawsuit?

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