About William Todd Schultz

This is my blog–or, one of them.  There’s another I don’t contribute to much anymore at Psychology Today magazine (click here).  I’m a college professor and a writer.  I teach at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon.  And I write psychological profiles, or interpretations, of artists:  One about Truman Capote (Oxford University Press; “Tiny Terror:  Why Truman Capote Almost Wrote Answered Prayers“), and one about the photographer Diane Arbus (Bloomsbury; “An Emergency in Slow Motion: The Inner Life of Diane Arbus“).  In 2013, my Elliott Smith biography appeared (Bloomsbury): TORMENT SAINT: THE LIFE OF ELLIOTT SMITH.  I currently curate and edit Oxford’s Inner Lives Series, and I’ve written for Salon, Slate, Huffington Post, The Spectator, Seattle Weekly, and other venues.  New project “How Artists Live” (Simon & Schuster, 2019)IMG_1091.

For questions, you can write me at this email address:  schultzt@pacificu.edu. Or call:  503-352-1544. Or tweet.

4 thoughts on “About William Todd Schultz

  1. W. T. – My name is Ed Jones. Yesterday I visited my mother Ruth at the care home at 60 & Belmont. Mom was so excited! She spoke of meeting you and how impressed she was with your kindness. She then surprised me, explaining you were a published author. I appreciate your kindness to her. Mom leafed through the two texts and decided to lend me the Smith bio because she “knew I would like it.” I knew Elliott – cursorily. I gave Heatmiser a few gigs when I booked Satyricon. So I will read your book and tell you what I think. How thrilling! Thank you – Ed Jones

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