“Inner Lives” (Oxford Psychobiography Series)

Inner Lives” is the first and only book series devoted to the subject of psychobiography. Each title in the series focuses on a single paradigmatic historical figure from the arts or politics (Bush, Capote, Lennon, etc) and makes use of current psychological theory and research to illuminate his/her life and work. The books are medium-length (roughly 200 pages) and written not for experts but for the average educated reader interested in lives, art, or culture. Every author is a leading psychological researcher or theorist with a strong background in personality science and psychobiography.

The books will appear sequentially, the first available in Fall/Winter of 2010. Below is a list of signed authors/subjects. More expected soon.  Editor:  William Todd Schultz.

Dan McAdams on George W. Bush
William Todd Schultz on Truman Capote
Kyle Arnold on Philip K. Dick
Tim Kasser on John Lennon
Alan C. Elms on Sigmund Freud

4 thoughts on ““Inner Lives” (Oxford Psychobiography Series)

  1. I have read the Inner Lives Series books on Capote, Arbus and Bush. I was curious as to when the books on Lennon, Freud and Elliot Smith will be published. I have searched for them but have been unable to find them – assume they have yet to be published. This is a GREAT series and I have enjoyed each of the books I have read so far. Keep expanding the list!!! Thank you. Dru

  2. Now that Harper Lee has died, she would make a fascinating subject for your series. A mystery to everyone, she was certainly a complicated woman.

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